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Mango Lassi


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India loves food and beverages too. We, at Neehee’s have picked up some of the most loved beverages for you.

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The tasty Indian Falooda is a cool summer drink prepared with milk, basil seeds, noodles and ice cream. Sugar Cane juice is the sweet and light beverage that tastes best during the summer heat. The ‘cutting chai’ (tea) flows in every Indian not just as a beverage but as a sentiment.

Lassi originated in the Northern region of India – Punjab. Served cold after a meal, Lassi is a favorite summer cooler in almost every part of India. Available in soothing flavors such as Rose and Mango, you can’t miss the refreshing taste of Neehee’s Lassis.

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Refreshing Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi

Real mango pulp yogurt smoothie.

heavenly falooda

Rose Falooda

The origin of Falooda was in Persia and was…

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 introduced to India by many Muslim merchants and the Mughal dynasty that settled in India. Its consistency is like a thick milkshake and consists of milk, vanilla ice cream, vermicelli, basil seeds, rose syrup and pistachios.

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Refreshing hot chai

Mumbai Cutting Chai

Boiled black tea in milk and spices.

Refreshing Rose Lassi

Rose Lassi

Rose flavored yogurt smoothie.

Energizing sugar cane juice

Sugar Cane Juice

Fresh juice pressed from sugar canes with a …

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slice of lime and ginger. Extremely popular as a summer refreshment. You will find vendors taking their carts around and selling freshly pressed juice all around the cities in India.

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Salt Lassi

Kesar Falooda

Kesar flavored Falooda.

Mango Falooda

Mango Flavored Falooda.