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Dosa Wrap

Delcious sandwich masala wrap

Sandwich Dosa Wrap

The earthy, slightly savory filling with creamy cheese…

tasty Chilli milli paneer wrap

Chili Mili Paneer Dosa Wrap

The robust flavors of the sauce with cottage cheese…

Combination of pav bhaji and dosa - Pav bhaji dosa wrap

Pav Bhaji Dosa Wrap

Combination of two iconic street foods…

Gujarat special Dabeli Dosa wrap

Dabeli Dosa Wrap

Brilliant combination of nutty flavors…

Special Paneer bhurji dosa wrap

Paneer Bhurji Dosa Wrap

The perfect blend of the creamy texture and spices…

Super tasty desi wrap - Vegetable spring dosa

Veggie Spring Dosa Wrap

Blast of soy sauce creating a super tasty wrap…