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Going Vegan for Strength

by Team marketing on Feb, 06 2018

Tags : vegan, vegetarian, athletic diet, NFL

Eating Gluten Free at Neehee's

by Team marketing on Jan, 09 2018

Tags : gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, indian street food

Year in Review

by Team marketing on Dec, 18 2017

Tags : neehee's, Indian food, street food, Troy, canton, 2017

Santa at Neehee's!

by Team marketing on Nov, 30 2017

Tags : Santa, Detroit Santa, Christmas, neehee's, Indian food

Orthodox eating at Neehee's

by Team marketing on Nov, 03 2017

Tags : no onion, no garlic, orthodox menu

Neehee’s Original Favorites

by Team marketing on Oct, 28 2017

Back in 2004 when we opened Suraj grocery store, we had no idea that some of our own recipes would become the most popular items and favorites even to this day at Neehee’s. This is especially true of our samosas.

Tags : samosas, sugarcane juice

Welcome to our new blog, Tadka

by Tadka on Oct, 19 2017

Welcome! We are excited to announce the launch of our blog, Tadka. For years, we’ve been serving our delicious dishes in Canton (and starting last year, in Troy) but we’ve always wished to broaden our community and share our traditions with customers.

Tags : diwali, lights, tadka, canton