Join the Neehee’s Franchise Family

The Benefit of Neehee’s Process

Neehee’s has an excellent support system to support our franchisees. We provide support and advice in every step of the way, from your initial inquiry to the day of your restaurant’s grand opening, extending its business operations on an ongoing basis.

Real Estate

We assist in all areas of the real estate process, helping you to find the right location whether it already exists or a new one is built.

  • Market analysis

  • Site selection assistance to suit your business needs

  • Lease review

  • Assist and advise on designs/architecture, selection of general contractors

  • Continuous back-end support during construction phase, approvals and inspections


Training and Operations

We believe in superior training starting with a comprehensive 10 week program training from the Neehee’s recipes to process-oriented operations in order to optimize prep work and minimize labor and material costs

  • Classroom and hands-on restaurant instruction

  • Manager certification

  • Cooks certification

  • Hourly associate training program

  • Continuing education classes


Neehee’s marketing team provides comprehensive support with materials and local marketing and publicity guidance.

  • New restaurant opening, offering critical path and support

  • Access to company developed marketing collateral and advertising programs

  • Neighborhood marketing plan assistance

  • Concept calendar planning and guidance

How Do I Join?

What You Need: 

Ask yourself...

Can I make the investment?

Will I champion the Neehee’s brand and the quality customers have come to expect?

Am I committed to learning our processes?

Do I believe in putting loved ones first and the Neehee's philosophy to spend time with them on Sundays? (Neehee’s locations are closed on Sundays to give employees time to spend with friends and family).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to open a Neehee’s franchise?

Neehee’s is looking for committed individuals who not only love our product and brand, but understand the needs of the savvy consumer that comes to Neehee’s. We are want to grow our presence with like-minded individuals that understand quality and have financial sense.

How much money do I need to open a Neehee’s?

Refer to the Neehee’s Franchise investment sheet to see the figures broken down.

How much will I make with a Neehee’s franchise location?

We are restricted by the Federal Trade Commission and various state franchise sales regulations from providing you with specific profit projections.

What kind of training and support will I receive?

Franchisees receive a comprehensive 10 week program training learning everything from the Neehee’s recipes to process-oriented operations, in order to optimize prep work and minimize labor and material costs. Support in the areas of operations, marketing, real estate options are ongoing.

Steps Towards Opening A NeeHee's Franchise

  • You review the Neehee's franchise information and submit the Expression of Interest form online
  • Upon receipt of your completed Expression of Interest form, Nihi Franchising, Inc. will review your information to assess whether or not you meet its current preliminary criteria for franchised Operator candidate consideration. We will respond to your submitted Expression of Interest in approximately three weeks.
  • If Nihi Franchising, Inc. decides that you meet its preliminary criteria for consideration, you will be invited to complete a Neehee's Operator Application.
  • Upon receipt of your completed Neehee's Operator Application, Neehee's franchise review committee notifies you of approval or denial
  • Once approved, an appointment to visit Neehee's corporate office will be made where you will be disclosed with our current Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  • A franchise agreement is signed and the franchise fee is paid
  • Welcome to the Neehee's Family! You can now schedule a discovery day in Neehee's Canton, Michigan
  • All potential sites are submitted by the franchisee to Neehee's for approval, as franchisee and corporate work collaboratively.
  • Nihi Franchising' Inc. supports with initial store layout. Franchisee follows the process that Nihi Franchising has prepared for buildout and new unit construction.
  • Final inspection is a minimum 7 days prior to opening.
  • Work harder and smarter than you have ever in your life.
  • Hurray! Restaurant opens

Franchise Enquiry Form

Complete the Form to obtain additional information about franchise oppertunity. we will analyze your enquiry and return to you shortly by email or phone.

Please be specific of the place where you want to have franchise in this Enquiry Form, so we can return to you fast with the information you are looking for. Thank you!