Since we already know how culturally varied India is, let’s begin this journey of experiencing Indian street food from the North. The word ‘chaat’ is popularly believed to have its roots from the Hindi verb ‘chaatna’ which means ‘to lick’ – and the name is absolutely apt since it is finger licking good. If eaten with the hands, licking will become an involuntary enjoyment!
Chaat is typically served on the roadside from stalls or food carts. It can be eaten as a small mid-day snack or you can combine various items to make a full meal. Chaat did not originate in any particular region in India. In fact, different dishes originated in different parts of Northern India and each state has their own rendition of it.The tastes will be as varied as their names.Chaat is usually a combination of flavors like sweet, spicy, tangy and textures from as crunchy as cornflakes to as soft as a marshmallow. All these peculiar tastes and textures combine on your palate and tantalize your taste buds like never before! It will be an unforgettable experience – we promise!