Now it’s time to experience the cuisine of the South. This cuisine uses the ingredients that are largely available in coastal regions such as rice, coconut, tamarind, lentils, mustard seeds to name a few. North Indian cuisine and South Indian cuisine are polar opposites quite literally! The staple grain of the North is wheat and hence serves a lot of bread and roti.
The staple grain of the South is rice and can be mixed with lentils or other vegetables to make a variety of dishes. With two monsoon seasons a year and the tropical weather, spices are grown in abundance and hence this cuisine is usually spicier in taste. Customized Dosas (rice and lentil crepe) and steamed Idli (rice cakes) are a big part of the street food culture in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. All our South Indian varieties are served with Sambhar (spicy lentil-vegetable soup) and two chutneys; coconut and tomato-onion-peanut. Are you ready to dig in?